Scientific Committee of Problems of the Environment

SCOPE is an independant international organisation that interdisciplinary body of natural and social science expertise focused on regional and global environmental issues, operating at the interface between scientific and policy making instances.

A worldwide network of scientists and scientific institutions develops syntheses and reviews of scientific knowledge on current or potential environmental issues.

SCOPE collaborates with seeveral international organizations like UN Environment, Unesco, PSA.


 SCOPE experts interact in a worldwide knowledge network that is cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and independent
to identify and provide scientific analyses of emerging environmental challenges and opportunities caused by or impacting on humans and the environment;
  • to review the current scientific understanding of environmental issues and identify priorities for future research;
  • to address policy and development needs and to inform options and recommendations for environmentally-sound policy and management strategies.
  • The SCOPE scientific programme is a robust science-driven agenda relevant to policy development and resource management
  • responding to regional priorities to deliver insights of global significance
  • providing rapid assessments of key environmental issues
  • guiding research processes, based on partnerships
  • linking research outputs to end users.


SCOPE is governed by a General Assembly that normally meets every three years. The Executive Committee is elected at each General Assembly by the Members and conducts the affairs of SCOPE between such meetings. It is responsible for the guidance and supervision of the scientific programme of SCOPE, as well as its activities in partnership with other organisations, and decisions on financial matters.


SCOPE was established in 1969 as an international scientific non-governmental organisation to identify and undertake analyses of emerging environmental issues that are caused by or impact on humans and the environment.
Over the past four decades SCOPE has provided authoritative, independent and influential scientific assessments of issues including i.a. environmental risk assessment, ecotoxicology, the biogeochemical cycle of the main elements, global climate change, indicators of sustainable development, biodiversity and biological invasions, and environmental impacts of military and civilian uses of nuclear power.
The SCOPE Series, more than 70 scientific monographs and other imprint titles, as well as the UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP Policy Briefs convey the results of individual projects and specific programmes.
Through its continuing focus on emerging issues, SCOPE has also supported the development of global environmental programmes throughout the world.


Members of SCOPE are institutions and organizations that have a demonstrated interest in bringing the best science to bear on environmental stewardship, share a mutual interest in environmental science and assessments, and develop joint projects, programmes and funding opportunities. Membership is based on the principle of inclusiveness, and is open to appropriate bodies in these broad categories:

  • Governmental and inter-governmental organizations;
  • Non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations;
  • Scientific and technical research and assessment bodies such as academic, scientific and research institutions, scientific academies, research councils, or associations of such institutions, and international scientific unions;
  • Industry and the private sector including businesses and their associations, and federations of business and industry.

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